The company having found Szeged Autumn Nursing Home plans the development of an apartment building on the parcel under 21 Zákány street. The floor area of the apartments will vary between 26 and 58 m2. The apartments will include a foreground, a bathroom, and an accommodation, which will contain a kitchen as well. Most of them will have a balcony, and there will be 3 apartments with two rooms.

The apartments can be used by purchasing the tenancy right. After moving in only the overhead of the apartments has to be paid after them. The company undertakes a digressive repayment obligation from the tenancy right on a pro rata basis.

Services from the adjacent nursing home can be ordered, such as catering, washing, cleaning, simpler nursing tasks, etc. If the health status of a resident deteriorates at a degree that his/her nursing cannot be carried out in his/he apartment, we ensure a place for him/her in the adjacent nursing home.

The plan of the apartment house can be viewed by clicking on the following link:



Dr. András Bálint


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