How long is the waiting period?

Depending on placing needs (one-person, two-person placing, higher need for nursing), it may vary from 1-2 months up to 1 year.


Is it possible for someone just to move in temporarily, that is to use the care for only a limited time period in Autumn Nursing Home?

Based on available places it is possible, but we rarely have vacant places.


Is it possible to get in out of turn? On what conditions? Milyen feltételekkel?

It is possible to get in out of turn by paying an attendance usage fee with filling out the section in the application form regarding placing out of turn.


What are the costs of getting in?

Usage fees of getting in are presented in the ‘Usage fees’ section. We can provide a transport vehicle and staff for moving in. Magához a beöltözéshez szállító járművet, személyzetet tudunk biztosítani.


Is it possible for someone to get himself/herself listed further back on the waiting list when his/her getting in becomes actual? On what conditions and how?

Being on the ‘Waiting list’ is not obligatory and is not associated with loss of rights, that is if someone doesn’t want to move in at the time of the notification, he/she won’t lose their right to move in later. We hold his/her application, and notify him/her again on a subsequent occasion.


What are the costs of the accommodation?

In addition to the usage fee, medication costs over 5000 HUF, the costs of the hairdresser and the pedicurist have to be taken into account.


Is there any reimbursement and in what cases?

We reimburse the one-off fee on a pro rata basis if the contract is ceased within 3 years for any reason to those usage fee payers who undertake the payment of the actual usage fee.


What is to know about the rooms?

Our apartments of 16 m2 provide basic equipment, including a bed, a wardrobe sized 100 * 60 * 180 cm, a TV shelf, a small table and a chair. Nurse call system, telephone and a TV connection option is included in all rooms. The bathrooms of the apartments contain a shower, a sink and a toilet – next to the nurse call equipment.


How and on what conditions are clothes, bedsheets and others get washed?

Collecting the clothes are performed in the rooms individually into a laundry bags, which the laundry staff collects on a weekly basis, and then return the clean clothes to the residents.


Is it possible for someone to bring in his/her own pieces of furniture and furnishing?

With taking the available room space into consideration, the whole room can be furnished individually.


Is physiotherapy included?

There is group physiotherapy three times a week and individual physiotherapy is also held by our physiotherapist to those who need it.


How is the medication arranged?

The medication is centered; the staff carries out everything beginning from the writing of prescriptions to the administration of medications.


Is there an additional fee of the medication process?

There is no additional fee of the medication process.


What happens if there is a change in someone’s condition?

Our nursing home undertakes care for the residents up to the most severe conditions. Residents are admitted elsewhere only with acute conditions requiring hospital treatment. If someone’s condition deteriorates significantly, it is possible that he/she will be placed in a room closer to the nurse desk to ensure the most adequate care.


What kind of medical care is available and how can it be used?

A general practitioner and specialists requiring no serious equipment have consulting hours within the institution, in any other case we can request patient transport.


May other professionals be received in the Institution if necessary (e.g. physiotherapist, professional with special qualifications)?

With keeping the competence limits, other professionals can be received.


What is to know about meals?

We can offer special diets (bilious, diabetic etc.) beyond the basic menu.


What happens if someone requires treatment outside the institution?

If someone needs treatment outside the institution, the resident’s place is reserved.


What kind of program options are available for the residents?

Our occupational team is assigned to provide continuous programs, such as reading up newspaper reading, film clubs, group sessions, church service, etc.


What is to know about the visiting schedule?

Our residents can be visited freely from 2:30 PM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Sunday and from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM on Saturday and on Sunday, respecting the undergoing work in the institution and the residents’ serenity.


May the residents have leave?

Naturally they may, the fact of leave should be told to the nurse orally, and it should be indicated in a written form on the reception.


Is it possible to spend a longer time with the family outside the Institution after moving in?

Yes, the residents can go on a so called holiday, in this case we reserve their place – it costs 20% of the fees up to 2 months, and 50% after that.