In which cases is it worth choosing the services of our nursing home?

‘I would like to move in.’

We recommend our home if you don’t feel safe anymore in your own surroundings. If you are afraid alone, or worried because of the possible healthcare risks.

If you long for a community where you always find someone to talk to or to share your problems with. If you would like to sit out to a well-tended garden in the afternoon.

You can do it in a way that you don’t have to prepare breakfast or dinner for yourself, and you can forget about washing dishes or washing clothes. All this in a modern, barrier-free building.

‘I would like to have a place for my relative.’

Because he/she has developed a chronic disease – such as dementia, cerebrovascular disease, etc. – the nursing of which has become very difficult to carry out. I don’t want my relative to be nursed in a hospital setting.

Detailed introduction of our services

Providing housing in an apartment with a bathroom for two people at most

Healthcare management, arranging and carrying out examinations, acquiring specialist’ recommendations and medical devices, getting the prescriptions filled, administering the medication

24-hour nurse supervision, providing nursing based on needs for care

Providing meals with respect to health status (even special diets)

Providing textiles, washing, drying, ironing, and basic hygienic products

Full utilities (water, sewers, heating and electricity) in all apartments, rooms and common rooms

Proper maintenance, cleaning and surveillance of the rooms, apartments and the whole building.

In the part of the nursing care home providing permanent housing, it is possible to be placed in apartments with an own bathroom. This form of housing enables the residents to cobduct an independent way of life as accustomed earlier, but in a safe environment, where help is available 24-hours a day, and continuous programs and social events make everyday life more colorful.

Our apartments have floor areas of 16-24 m2, and they have foreground, bathroom and living room within them. In the living rooms, the equipment provided by us includes a two-door wardrobe, a bed, a wall-mounted table, two chairs, and a TV cabinet. Any of these or even all of them can be replaced with equipment brought from home, considering the given space.
The electrical system of the room works with a so-called hotel card: inserting the card into the opening beside the entrance energizes the consumers in the room. All of our residents get a card like this, since they can enter or exit any time through the automatic door of the main entrance. Each apartment has a telephone, which has no subscription fee. We provide possibility for initiation of international calls if needed.

The TV network of the building enables the reception of ten set Hungarian channels in every room (M1, M2, TV2, RTL Klub, Duna TV, Duna 2, Filmmúzeum, ATV, Hálózat TV, and a local channel). We don’t charge any additional fees for this services. A smaller refrigerator (of max 160l) can be placed in the room if needed, connected to the specifically developed plug (it is not turned off by the hotel card).

The bathrooms belonging to the apartments are of the same equipment, they include a shower, a toilet, and a sink. Caregivers can be called with the help of a calling device hanging to the plug. All of them has a laundry rack emptied regularly by the staff, and a plastic toilet seat for making grooming easier. The floor covering is plastic textured with non-slip buttons, side wall covering is tiled, which has several handrails. The design of the rooms is basically barrier-free; our colleagues can help in grooming if necessary. Keeping the rooms clean is the task of our cleaners.